Let's Eat In

Let's Eat IN!

A new concept in home dining!

A personal chef service operating in the Midland, Penetanguishine, and Tiny Township areas of Central Ontario.

Have you found yourself to be too busy to eat in lately?

 Then I am the answer to your dreams! Allow me to be your personal chef and begin to enjoy family time with your family again. Many people are finding themselves eating fast food and take out far too often. Besides the nutritional consequences of high sodium and high fat, they are missing out on the basic pleasure of a dinner at home. As your personal chef, I can give you back that time with your family or several extra hours of leisure time every week to spend as you please.

 A new concept in home dining!

 As your personal chef, I will spend one day in your kitchen as often as needed and prepare food just the way your family likes it. The food will be delicious and will appeal to every member of the family. Menus will be nutritionally balanced and can be tailored to meet any type of special dietary requirements.

 Family meal time will become convenient, nutritious, and just the way you like it!

  This is how we work together:

·        We have an initial free consultation in your kitchen. At that time we’ll discuss your needs and decide if Chef Suzanne is offering the services that meet your needs.

·        A few days later a menu plan will be submitted for your approval and a cooking day will be scheduled.

·        Chef Suzanne will arrive on the cooking day with all the food and her personal cooking equipment. All she needs is a refrigerator/freezer, stove with oven, and a sink. All meals will be stored in the containers of your choice in the refrigerator and freezer.

·        You'll arrive home to a sparkling clean kitchen and a fridge full of delicious, nutritious meals. All you have to do is thaw, heat, and enjoy a stress free meal with your family!


  • 705-828-5451
Member US Personal Chef Association
USPCA Code of Ethics
CPC - Certified Personal Chef
CPC - Certified Personal Chef

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